We assemble and curate key information

about nutrients, supplements, herbal medicines and pharmaceutical drugs.

(And coming soon – information about genetics, nutrigenomics and biomarkers.)

And we make it easy to use

for health practitioners and, ulimately, their patients.


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A data-packed web application for health practitioners about (you guessed it!) herbs, drugs and nutrients. It includes interactions and therapies. Easy to use and expanding all the time. Get a quick answer, or explore the evidence.

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Phytotherapy Desk Reference

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The indispensable quick reference about herbal medicines for health practitioners and students. Evidence-based plus traditional info. Now in its fourth edition.

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We’re a medical information company specialising in nutrients, supplements and herbal medicines – and how they interact with pharmaceutical drugs. HerbDrugNutrient is our main product, under continual development.

While assessing thousands of interaction studies we’ve found there can never be enough research to help us predict exactly how beneficial or otherwise a drug-nutrient combination will be for any particular individual.

So we’ve turned our attention to nutrigenomics, pharmacogenomics and other ‘omics’ that might provide the answer.

We also have expertise in behaviour change methodology which a sister company has employed successfully in a major program for the Australian government.

Our aim is to combine the results of genetic testing with our behaviour change methodology. We want to help people do what in the past they might have found very difficult indeed: permanently change their behaviour to improve their immediate and long term health.

Individuals can have a genetic test, understand the implications for their future health, and be empowered to do something about it. We’ll support health practitioners as they guide their patients with a growing suite of ‘omics’ tests and personalised behaviour change resources.

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(Peter Jerrim, CEO, Nunomix)

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We’re one of the most southerly based companies in Australia. But one of our directors in Germany occasionally drops in for a chat on they way to his research destination in the Pacific.

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